52 deer hunting tips you want to know

Donnie Hoover 52 Deer Hunting Tips ebook is one of the best deer hunting books on the market teaching you the easiest way to catch a prized whitetail deer and to get that trophy.I teaches you how to be a successful deer hunter shooting deer after deer after deer without putting people in Danger.

Here are just some of them. Shot only with there is a clear path Never shot a deer if there are bright orange spots in the area.

Hunt only in areas authorized by the Department of Natural Resources.

Never take a shot unless it is clear of everything with the exception of the lung area of the deer.

Take slow, ginger steps, pausing every moment to prevent frightening the deer.

Make sure you have a firearm permit if using a firearm.

Ensure that you have a hunting license from you state's office.

Learn the behavior of deers in order to mimic them and prevent scare.

Techniques such as rattling with "fresh" antlers, making mock scrapes and then adding doe urine, grunt and bleat calls as well as alarm, mating, contact, maternal, and antagonizing sounds can remarkably increase your changes of gaming a deer.

Due to improper rattling deer can easily see a hunter and evade. Practice rattling correctly.

Evidence has shown that rattling is very effective during the period of year when bucks are looking for mates, and in game areas where there’s a higher ratio of bucks to does.

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